Rooted in community for 150 years: this is why we Choose Chico.

Over 4,000 acres of open space, 11 miles of parks, 5 dog parks, 20 public parks

From the top of Monkey Face in Upper Bidwell Park, you can see all of Chico…

Tree-lined avenues, golden canopies across sprawling parks, seasonal creeks
where bikers coast through wildflower-dotted lava cap hills, dogs race through green grasses, and families spend sunny Saturdays strolling through downtown enjoying an ice cream cone.

The humans who call the city their home

Where families, students, seniors, children, and young adults order coffee, ride the bus, and find their careers. Where everybody knows your name—or offers a smile if they don’t.

Photo Credit: Downtown Chico Business Association
Photo Credit: Meriam Park

Construction crews breaking ground on new opportunities

Building an environment where innovation challenges tradition. Here start-ups, long-time establishments, and non-profits share a cold pint and bold ideas at the best dive bar in America.*

Memories being made every moment

Where each day is celebrated with ribbon cuttings, new-to-town celebrations, 8th-generations bbqs, birthdays at Caper Acres, and the excitement of the first day at a new job.

Big-city dreams with small-town joy, Chico is a place where the people who live and work here connect as neighbors and friends.

Founded in 1850 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for the future, Chico has been home to those who break ground—and rules.

Pictured: Nik and Loki's 10th Birthday Celebration

*Rileys was voted best dive bar in America by Barstool Sports Best College Bar Competition 2021.