Behind the Scenes: Stratti to the Rescue

The soft purr of a computer as it comes to life each morning. The immediate connection to your Wi-Fi network. The ability to email a client or share documents without a spam attack. It’s all evidence of technology doing its job behind the scenes. 

The prevalence of computers, the internet, and software applications have become so ingrained in our society that we’ve come to expect them to dutifully work for us, day in and day out. 

So who is this invisible magician making sure technology does its job?

If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business, it might just be Stratti. 

An experienced, strategic IT service provider, Stratti provides top-notch internet security and network infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most in your business. 

Fleet of Stratti technicians!

Getting its start in the mid-nineties in a small office off Manzanita Avenue, Stratti has since expanded into larger spaces off Talbert. Long-term success has given them the opportunity to serve businesses far and wide with high-caliber expertise, stellar communication, and a proactive approach. 

“We want to work with people who maybe don’t know all the nuts and bolts, but they do understand the value—that it’s supercritical in our modern society to have technology that works seamlessly,” says Stratti Marketing Director Michelle Largent, wife to owner Brent. “Let us do the understanding so you can get back to your critical business.”

Founder Brent Largent was himself raised in Chico, venturing off only to try out a change of scenery in the Bay Area after college. He worked in the computer technology industry, where he installed software servers for various clients. He soon realized that installation wasn’t enough; those same clients often needed continued support once the servers were placed. 

Brent’s internal light bulb went off: helping others with their long-term IT support brought him the greatest fulfillment. 

He decided to bring that passion back to where he felt most connected: his roots in Chico. The affordable, quaint nature and hometown values made Chico a no-brainer when it came time for Brent to start a business of his own. Brent, along with his former business partner, founded Stratti in 1995, and has since been dedicated to serving the city’s businesses.

What began as a team of two has grown to a team of 26, with a few employees located as far as India. Though they now serve businesses far and wide, their loyalty continues to lie in the city Brent couldn’t seem to stay away from for long, with about two-thirds of their employees living locally in Butte County. 

Community remains at the top of Stratti’s core values list.

Brent and his team view community not only as a place they live, but as somewhere they want to invest back in as well. They currently support Butte Humane Society, and over the years have supported several nonprofits such as the Boys and Girls Club, Torres Shelter, and the Jesus Center. Additionally, they make it a point to do business as locally as possible, from banking and printer needs all the way to solar panel installation. 

Stratti feels the benefit from everything the city of Chico has to offer and believes in giving back in the same way. “That’s what makes life in Chico sustainable: small businesses,” says Michelle.

As they continue to expand, Stratti works to continually create a culture where everyone working internally feels just as welcome and supported as their clients do. They hold team-building “Friday fun days” and holiday events around Chico, where they’re thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy events in beautiful warm weather and bountiful outdoor activities. Don’t be surprised if you catch their tech team bowling or spending time at FunLand Chico’s roller skating, batting cages, or minigolf one of these days.

“Everybody here has a really important role. We strive to have an attitude of gratitude, a high-fived and thankful culture, and once a month do something fun with the team like a game day. We want to create a culture where people enjoy being here and feel valued.” In addition to fun-filled days, they emphasize employee well-being, where each team member can benefit from perks like local chiropractic care—and their beloved office dogs sure don’t hurt morale, either!

Stratti continues to be inspired by the small businesses surrounding them in Chico, especially those that have been around to stand the test of time

“When you look at a community that has a lot of businesses that have sustained that business for that many years, it says something for the community; it’s not going to wither and go away. It’s staying here. It’s sound. It has a foundation.” 

Having been around for 27 years, it’s no stretch to say Stratti itself is one of those businesses.