Chico by the Numbers: Spotlight on the multiple industries in Chico, CA

Opportunities for employment abound in Chico

It’s no secret Chico has a wealth of job opportunities. Just ask any student graduating from Chico State, or a Sacramento transplant moving here to enjoy our city’s small-town lifestyle. There are job postings galore! Even with a labor force of almost 180,000 people, how can it be so plentiful? Hint: the answer lies in industry. Before you read any further, take a minute to name all the industries in Chico, CA, you can think of. 

Meet Chico’s Top 5  industries 

Did you think of more than one? This could be because Chico has a Top 5! The first industry usually associated with Chico is Agriculture thanks to the area’s reputation for growing everything from almonds to rice. The city owes this in part to city founder John Bidwell who pioneered farming on his land in Chico and encouraged others to do the same. The seeds from the agricultural industry grew into a food & beverage industry. Chico has blossomed into a foodie destination, offering everything from high-end restaurants to a popular food truck scene. Consumer Products (like reusable shopping bags) and Manufacturing are another two industries that go hand in hand, followed by Technology. 

Explore the top employers in the area

Image courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

So who are the employers in your neighborhood? After noting the different industries, you don’t have to look far to find various companies representing each one in their own unique sector. Start with Chico’s legendary Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which might be the reigning champion of the Food & Beverage (Manufacturing) Industry. Build with Ferguson leads the pack for Consumer Products, and there are multiple tech start-ups like Nanotech Energy emerging as key innovators in the Technology industry in Chico. And finally, let’s not forget about the healthcare sector, since Enloe Medical Center is a huge draw for professionals. 

Chico encourages growth in multiple sectors

In addition to the healthcare sector, some of the biggest business sectors and other fields are Construction, Retail Trade, Educational Services, and Finance & Insurance. Job seekers already in a specific field will find ample options for employment. But what really makes Chico stand out from other locales is how the community fosters and encourages new enterprises. Got a dream for a job or a business not in existence here? Create your own! So many start-ups have germinated here and have been nourished by Chico residents. Examples of these success stories are everywhere, like the stainless steel water bottle company Klean Kanteen® which started locally and ended up going global. 

Discover a place where innovation meets community 

If you’ve been searching for a place where your vision for work becomes a reality, come explore the plentitude of options in different industries in Chico, CA. This small-but-mighty city in Northern California creates and innovates, all while encouraging its residents to dream big and do more. Chico celebrates and supports its own, which means co-workers and employers sometimes feel more like friends and family. It’s just one more reason to Choose Chico!