Deer Creek Broadcasting Chooses Chico & Its Community

“We have fun doing it—we get to say funny things, broadcast sports, and play records.”

That’s what Dino Corbin, Partner and General Manager of Deer Creek Broadcasting (DCB), a local radio broadcasting and digital interactive company in Chico, has to say about working there. Although when it’s that much fun, can it still be called work?

It comes as no surprise that Dino loves his job at DCB, but he might love the rest of the staff members even more. When asked what makes DCB stand out from other businesses, he says with certainty that it’s the people behind the microphones. And he might very well be onto something there – of the top 5 radio stations in the market area, 3 are DCB’s, including 103.5 The Blaze and KPAY – Newstalk.

Dino didn’t set out to work in radio; fortunately, that’s where he ended up.

After transferring from Yuba College, Dino found himself at Chico State as a drama major. He originally wanted to be an actor and stand-up comedian, but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. Instead, he decided to pursue his love of radio and switched from theater to mass communication.

This led him to become a disc jockey at KHSL in the early 70s, a local radio station in Chico. After being a DJ for a few years, he climbed the ranks at the station, and eventually became the general manager in the early 80s. In 2005, Dino and his partners bought the stations, creating what is now Deer Creek Broadcasting. Why the name? Because one of his partners likes to fish in Deer Creek, of course!

Dino as a DJ for KHSL Radio in 1975

When asked, “Why Chico?” Dino has some good answers.

After growing up in a military family that moved constantly, Dino wanted to put down some roots. And then he found Chico. He originally thought he’d move elsewhere after graduating college, but things went so well with his career and the people involved in the business, that he just couldn’t. “It just wasn’t in the cards to leave,” Dino said. “[The staff at KHSL] were the best people in the world.”

The scenery in Chico didn’t hurt, either. “When I came up here and saw Bidwell Park, the downtown, and the trees, it all said ‘This is your home. This is where you want to be.’”

Years later, after marrying his wife and having two kids who also grew up in Chico, Dino still feels he made the right choice. He absolutely loves the community in Chico, and because of this, tries to give back as often as he can.

“Our community is our highest priority,” he says. “Everything else comes second.”

And DCB doesn’t just say that—they actually live it. They love helping local businesses and community organizations advertise their services on air. “Almost every break, you’ll hear a public announcement, be it for the air museum, cancer walks, or a park clean-up,” Dino says. “People know to come on the air and give us the message to share.”

When the pandemic hit, everyone working at DCB took salary cuts so they didn’t have to lay anyone off. During that same time, they provided discounted advertising to businesses that were struggling due to shutdowns to help them stay afloat. And it’s not just one-sided; Dino says that “In return, our businesses and people support us.” It’s a mutual relationship, and one could not exist without the other. Community is at the core of Chico and always Dino’s first thought.

DCB was there through the fires too. “When disasters strike and everything’s down, it’s radio that is the primary link to emergency information,” he says. During the Camp Fire, the dam disaster, floods, and other emergencies, seasoned local professional staff members were at the station 24/7 to share the news, man the phones, and keep the public informed. 

It’s pretty obvious what makes DCB stand out from other businesses: their dedication to the community of Chico is incredibly special.

And if you want to hear more about what makes DCB so unique, Dino has one suggestion: “Tune in and listen; you’ll find out.”

Thanks to modern technology, you can use apps to stream all of their stations from anywhere in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Give DCB a listen and find out why they Choose Chico —and we choose them right back.