For the Love of Food Trucks

Tasty eats around every corner

It’s no secret food is kind of a big deal here in Chico.

You only have to look to the “Foodies of Chico” Facebook group for evidence of this. From a robust local dining scene to food festivals, locals love showing their support for good eats. 

And lately one of the most popular places to grab some good nosh is from a food truck.

While their rise in popularity began some time around the recession in 2008, Californians are no strangers to eating from vehicles. (Looking at you, chuck wagons of the Gold Rush!) Their affordability + convenience is a winning combo, as is the thrill of discovering the next big thing. From home-cooked Mexican fare to exotic alligator bites, food trucks offer a culinary adventure for budget-conscious diners. 

Chico celebrates their food trucks on the regular with the Fork in the Road food truck festival.

Image courtesy of Fork in the Road

From April to September, foodies gather in Meriam Park and the Elks picnic yard from 5:30-8:30 pm to eat from some of the most popular food trucks around. Fan favorites like the Lamb and the Wolf, Golden State Smokery, Gnarly Deli, Indulgence Pizza, and others offer a smorgasbord of cuisines for every palette. After grabbing tasty treats, guests can throw down a picnic blanket on the grass and soak up some of the California sunshine while noshing. There’s no need to rush off after eating, either, since these events usually have live music to listen to which tempts people to linger. 

And there’s something about food trucks in general that’s good for the community.

Whether they’re camped out on the corner near your house, pulled up to a pumpkin patch event, or ready for a birthday fiesta, the setup encourages Chicoans to chat, meet new friends, and share favorite eats.

It gets people out of dining ruts and outdoors and offers fledgling companies a chance to have a chance at culinary stardom. 

A recent post from Fork in the Road after a sell-out event said, “Thank you to everyone who showed up hungry last night! You left all of our trucks BARE!” It’s a great example of people showing up and showing their enthusiasm for Chico’s food trucks. 

Image courtesy of Indulgence Pizza

Whether you go to Fork in the Road or catch a food truck in the wild, there are many opportunities to enjoy this unique dining trend in Chico.

Share in the comments below: which are your favorite Chico food trucks? (Here’s a list to get you started!)