One of the biggest draws to choosing Chico is that the cost of housing is considerably lower than the Bay Area. More affordable housing makes it possible for students to live and study in nearby schools, and for professionals to purchase a home. There’s a beautiful variety of housing styles scattered throughout the city, with lovely examples of classic California bungalows, Mid-Century Modern cottages, urban apartment dwellings, and ranchettes on the outskirts of town.

This selection caters to every taste and budget, from student housing, single-family homes, and senior living. You can find luxury homes as well as modest apartments.

Compact Urban Lifestyle Neighborhoods

For those who prefer to live in an urban environment, Chico offers some great spots to call home. Meriam Park is an example of a master-planned development that seamlessly weaves living and working spaces together for a sustainable and collaborative community.

  • Doe Mill (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Meriam Park (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Westside Place (Nord Ave)
  • Park Forest (E 8th St)

California Bungalows

Beautiful examples of California bungalows abound, and you can make one your very own. Whether it is an old classic or new construction, these cute and quaint houses are an ideal place to call home. New Urbanism developments like Doe Mill offer green spaces, trails, and other outdoor parks and amenities in the neighborhood for residents to enjoy.

  • Doe Mill (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Park Forest (E 8th St near Chico Nature Center)
  • South of Bidwell Park (Woodland to Humboldt, downtown to Hwy 99)
  • Barber Neighborhood (south of Little Chico Creek, west of Park Ave)
  • Chapmantown Area (west of Park Ave)

Suburban Family and Senior Homes

For families that want to spread out in mid-century modern homes to new construction, Chico provides ample neighborhoods to explore. And some have specialized senior homes like Amber Grove Place, which is a memory community that allows elders to live comfortably and be cared for in an assisted facility.

  • The Avenues (east and west of Esplanade, to Manzanita Ave & Hwy 32)
  • Amber Grove (off Esplanade near Eaton Rd)
  • California Park
  • Big Chico Creek Estates and others off West Sacramento Ave
  • Areas off Glenwood Ave
Photo credit: Bill Webb Homes

Upscale Properties

Looking for upscale properties in a gated community? There are many like Canyon Oaks that are gated neighborhoods that have their own country club and golf course. These homes range in size from those with small outdoor patios to significant acreage.

  • Butte Creek Country Club
  • Canyon Oaks Country Club
  • Songbird Ln and areas off Garner and Keefer Rd
  • East end of 8th Street near Five Mile (Bidwell Park)

Parkside and Waterside

Nature lovers who value being near both the park and downtown may find their ideal spot in the Vallombrosa neighborhood near Bidwell Park. And for those who want to see the majesty of the foothills from their porch, California Park is an option– including seniors. The Terraces, an assisted living community, within a stone’s throw of nearby California Park Lake.

  • Vallombrosa, north of Bidwell Park
  • Woodland Ave and E. 8th, south of Bidwell Park (near One Mile / Sycamore Pool)
  • California Park (small lake at edge of foothills)
Photo Credit: VRBO


Want more space to spread out? Feel like you need to be a bit removed from town, yet still near it all? There are areas on the fringe of Chico that could be a good match.

  • Areas at the edge of town, including the vicinities of Bell Rd, Nord Ave, Rose Ave, 5th St, Dayton Rd, Meridian, and Garner

Affordable and Student Housing

Since students make up a significant part of the population in Chico, there are both affordable and student housing options in the area. Student-focused housing like The Social offers dorm and apartment-style living for a variety of budgets within walking distance of CSU. For those who need low-income and other specialized housing, the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) provides a list on their website of options.

Photo Credit: Chico State