Rooted in Community

The Place We Call Home

With four seasons, abundant outdoor activities, family and pet-friendly parks, all levels of education available, and affordable living, Chico is full of unexpected moments of kindness and opportunity. When asked what’s best about Chico, the answer is simple: the sense of community runs deep, and the possibilities to thrive are many.

Rich in History and Heritage

Chicoans are proud of the history and the natural beauty that surrounds them. From the first Native American inhabitants to early pioneers, Chico has long been a city that respects the land and honors its origins.

A Connected Community

There is always a 2 degrees of separation situation to be found: you’ll almost certainly know somebody who knows somebody. Travel anywhere and you’re likely to bump into someone who has a connection to Chico. And we love to come together: with more than 100 community events per year, Chicoans love the opportunity to come together both for fun and when needed.

With a Heart for Helping

From the dam scare of 2017 to the Camp Fire in 2018 and pandemic from 2020 to now, Chico has come together to help those in need. Neighbors helping neighbors, a community connected by the desire to see everybody succeed in the city we love.

Photo Credit: Rebuild Paradise

Chico was founded on a love for land, people, and opportunity. Welcome to our community; join us!