Tech Companies Thrive in Chico: Discover the Growing Tech Companies

Every year, California garners attention for having some of the best cities for tech jobs in the USA. While the focus often revolves around the Bay Area, it’s important not to overlook Chico. This city offers a plethora of tech job opportunities for various companies, minus the traffic and high cost of living associated with Silicon Valley. Whether you aspire to start a tech business or join one, Chico is a place worth considering. Interested in starting a tech business or working for a tech business? Keep reading to meet just a few of the local companies here doing exciting work having far-reaching benefits for our community and beyond.

Clock Shark: Time-Keeping Software for Efficient Workforce Management

Frustrated by paper time sheets? Concerned about time theft? Clock Shark to the rescue! This local tech business has created cloud-based timekeeping software to help construction and field service companies track employee hours and process their payroll more efficiently. Owned by the simPRO group, it has a global reach while maintaining headquarters in Chico. In addition to the app, Clock Shark offers a wealth of resources, consultations, and back-up support. With almost 10,000 happy customers worldwide, the service speaks for itself! 

Theia Interactive: Crafting Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

There’s reality, and then there’s virtual reality. If you deal with VR, it’s time to meet Theia Interactive. This creative solutions studio designs virtual metaspace technology for businesses. It’s world-building at its finest, with carefully crafted immersive spaces and experiences tailor-made for each client. This includes virtual automotive showrooms representing real car products and virtual meeting spaces like boardrooms. There are architectural applications, too, since Theia Interactive provides 3D modeling to help companies visualize new construction or renovation projects long before the first shovel hits the ground. These services and more have helped Theia Interactive build a solid reputation while collaborating with companies and creatives. 

Work Truck Solutions: Empowering Commercial Vehicle Sales with Marketing Platforms

For commercial truck companies looking to increase sales, Work Truck Solutions provides a powerful marketing platform to showcase inventory online. They offer guidance to help their clients connect with buyers and educate them about products in a more efficient, time-saving manner. Work Truck Solutions also gives valuable market and product data insights to help clients learn what works best for their company. While the head office is located here in Chico, the company’s reach extends across the USA with other branches in Michigan and Texas. And after more than a decade in operation, Work Truck Solutions is in the business of helping commercial truck companies with functional technology. 

Western Weather Group: Ensuring Weather-Ready Businesses

In many industries like agriculture, power generation, and recreation, accurate weather forecasting systems can make or break a business. Western Weather Group understands how critical this is, and offers technology like industrial-grade meteorological and environmental monitoring systems and forecasting systems to their clients. Their team of scientists helps address weather risks with tangible solutions by incorporating data from automated weather stations into forecasts. They also provide field services like weather monitoring equipment installations, data management, and consulting for weather-related risks. This allows clients to make informed decisions about the weather affecting their operations. With almost 20 years of experience, Western Weather Group is constantly applying its knowledge to new and evolving technologies to better serve its clients in Chico. 

These are just a few of the amazing tech companies based here in Chico, a city with the best of both worlds in California: powerhouse technology businesses with amazing job opportunities and a truly good quality of life. It’s one of the many reasons so many people Choose Chico for work and play!