Top 10 Reasons to Choose Chico

Tree-lined avenues, golden canopies across sprawling parks, seasonal creeks
Where bikers coast through wildflower-dotted lava cap hills, dogs race through green grasses, and families spend sunny Saturdays strolling through downtown enjoying an ice cream cone.

“If you were to invent a beautiful little town in a beautiful part of the world, it would be Chico. Nestled up against a range of mountains, the city is home to fertile soil, absolutely spectacular climate, and rivers running through and around it. World-class parks, great schools, mostly affordable housing, loads of shopping, switched on business and banking communities that attract enterprising people. Its own university, and a community college less than twenty minutes away. Its own world-class brewery. Train station. Freeway that moves traffic north and south. Trees everywhere, with orange fruit trees as the standard street tree. Most important of all, very very cool people, all good neighbors. Oh yes, if you’ve been lucky in your life, you’ve lived a part of it in Chico California.”

— Eugene Ferris, Chico resident

Chico residents and visitors say it best

Here are the top 10 reasons we choose Chico

1. Parks, Creeks, and Nature
Going to Bidwell Park with sandwiches from Spiteri's is about as perfect as a Saturday can get.
—Alex Miller

The Esplanade in fall, when the liquid ambers and ginkgos are in full autumn colors.
—Nancy Park

Upper and Lower Bidwell Park. I walk most everyday in our beautiful park and it brings me such joy!
—Becky Reid DeVault

I love the way it smells in the springtime, when the orange trees are in bloom.
—Kathi Hankins
2. Friendly People
I love all the people who work so hard In their shops and know my name and greet me with a smile every time.
—Candy Matthews

I can always get a “Hello” back no matter where I hike or walk!
—Heather Burrus Korff

You never meet a stranger.
—Tracy Roundtree
3. 15 Minutes to Everything
I love that I can get anywhere in Chico within 15 minutes.
—Kathy Gochenour

4. Bike Friendly
I love riding my bicycle, through the park and through the streets and avenues. I especially love downtown when the flowering pear trees are in full bloom and a breeze blows and the blossoms float down like snow. Magical! I love it when it gets hot and I can stop on my way home from downtown on my bicycle and jump in at one mile to cool off and chill the rest of the way home. I do love it here, all year!
—Molly Fuller
5. History
Chico is family history for me. My grandparents were born in Chico in the 1880s, my father in 1902. They are buried there. I went to elementary school in Chico....... then back to graduate from College in 1961. My son graduated from Chico State and now my grandson is a junior at the University.
—Christine Hill
6. College Town Feel
I love the small town feel yet retaining a level of culture and youth other small valley towns just don't have. Thank you CSUC!
—Jeanne Smith
7. Arts & Culture
Support for local culture... especially the community theatres.
—Gail Holbrook

I like the art work around town: the hands, the paintings of the Bidwells, the see guy sitting on the bench, etc, the mosaic on the front of Chapman School, the bell in the bell tower on the church on Hwy 32.
—Carolyn K. Taylor
8. Home-grown Businesses
I love Sierra Nevada Brewery. Great place to go. When friends or family visit from out of town, it’s a must go destination.
—Doug Burton
9. Markets & Restaurants
Thursday Night Farmers Markets and Friday Night Concerts.
—Jeff Pershing

The Chico Natural grocery store, The Life Juice place, The local ice cream and candy store, The Chico Chai product demonstrations, Trader Joe's, Grocery Outlet!
—Shannon Long
10. Home
I love knowing that Chico is where I belong! It’s the right place for me to be!
—Vonnie Morton
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Courtesy of the “You know you’re from Chico…” Facebook page.